Is Coconut Oil Beneficial for Health? Here Are The Top 10 Reasons.

  • Posted on: 18 August 2015
  • By: Simon
Top 10 Reasons That Coconut Oil Can Benefit Your Health
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Coconut oil can be used for multiple purposes not only as a food or supplement. It can be used for the overall improvement of your health since this oil is helpful for brain, hair, skin and digestive system.

This magic oil has a distinctive blend of fatty acid and healing properties, which can give relief from kidney problems, heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and HIV.

Coconut Oil has also proved helpful for bones and teeth. So anyone should try this oil on a daily basis to reap the benefits of the priceless qualities of this wonder-oil.

Coconut oil is more popular in tropical countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka mainly because of the natural abundance of coconuts in those places.

All these countries have great agricultural production of coconut and that has enabled them to use this oil extensively.

Coconut oil has historically been used for both cooking and medicinal purposes, in fact it has been used for a huge range of health and nutritional reasons but we only have time to talk about the the top ten benefits here. So here we go with:

The Top 10 Benefits Of Coconut Oil

1. Coconut Oil Benefits For Hair

Currently different types of shampoos, conditioners and hair products are available in the market that promise healthy and shining hair. The results of most of these products are not long lasting.

Sometimes it can do harm rather than good to use these products on a regular basis. However, coconut oil can be used regularly for improving your hair condition and making it strong and shiny.

Coconut oil benefits for hair are:

  • For repairing hair: It helps in repairing damaged hair
  • For Healthy hair: The antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties of coconut oil prove helpful for keeping your hair healthy
  • For Dandruff: It can help you for getting rid of dandruff. Apply warm coconut oil over your scalp, particularly over the affected area. Leave for sometime then rinse your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo
  • For hair conditioning: Coconut oil works as a best hair conditioner without making any impact on the scalp like the chemicals of other conditioners
  • Lice Treatment: It is considered an effective treatment for lice as it kills both egg and lice

2. Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

  • Organic virgin coconut oil is famous for reducing the rate of weight gain. The effects that coconut oil can have on weight gain are:
  • Makes you more energetic: Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) lauric acid. This acid works differently unlike the other saturated facts
  • The body does not store this fatty acid and instead directly transports it to the liver and where it gets converted into energy
  • Reduces appetite and Controls Cravings: The MCT also plays an important role for reducing hunger and craving and that contributes in weight loss
  • Aids digestion: Coconut oil helps the digestive process and facilitates the quick absorption of nutrients that makes you eat less and also helps you to be energetic
  • Daily intake of coconut oil helps a lot with digestion, controlling hunger and makes you feel good and happy

3. Coconut Oil Benefits For Boosting Brain Function

  • Coconut oil can help you to remain calm and stress-free
  • MCT is required for proper brain functioning resulting in brain connections being made faster and more efficiently.
  • Coconut oil helps in brain function in a variety of different ways:
  • It is helpful for curing diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson's disease
  • It protects the brain against the brain atrophy

Coconut Oil Benefits For Skin

Coconut oil is usually considered good for the skin. This miracle oil can be used for different skin conditions by almost everyone. Some of it's top uses are

  • As an effective lip balm: It can be used as a lip gel. It helps in healing cracked and dried lips
  • Any lip product contains a proportion os chemicals that are not healthy to consume. Coconut oil is the best alternative
  • Softens skin: Coconut oil is used for having a healthy and smooth skin. It also helps in softening cracked feet
  • Makeup Remover: Try to use it as a makeup remover. It will not affect your skin adversely as it does not contain any chemicals
  • Various skin problems: Coconut Oil can be used to relieve multiple skin disorders like acne, psoriasis, and eczema

5. Coconut Oil Benefits For Children

Coconut oil is used for making children’s skin healthy. Other benefits of this oil for the children are:

  • Baby acne: Apply this oil on baby’s acne twice in a day until it disappears
  • Burns: It works effectively on burns. Apply it every day to get rid of any kind of scars
  • Bug bites and stings: Apply it on the affected area to avoid itching and to get relief
  • Ear infection: It also works well to relieve ear infections

6. Coconut Oil For Strengthening Immunity

Coconut oil is considered important for strengthening your immune system. How coconut oil helps in improving immune system is given below:

  • The Coconut oil has MTC that helps in fighting against any kind of infection
  • Coconut oil is known for preventing diabetes, HIV, sugar level, kidney problems and digestive disorders

7. Helpful For Thyroid Problems

Thyroid problems can create many health issues like hair loss, weight gain, stress and extreme fatigue. Fortunately, treatment with coconut oil can help you to resolve these issues. How coconut oil can help with thyroid issues::

  • Coconut oil has MTC that stimulates metabolism and boosts energy
  • A thyroid problem can be managed by a regular combination of coconut oil, exercise, a balanced diet
  • You can avoid any kind of thyroid complication by having coconut oil regularly

8. Coconut Oil In Cooking

Coconut oil can, of course also be used for cooking. Som of the benefits of cooking with this oil as an alternative to sunflower or regular vegetable oil are:

  • Coconut oil is considered to be one of the best oils for cooking as its saturated fats can survive high temperatures than other oils
  • It also has a delicious, mild flavour and organic virgin coconut oil or a refined oil is a good choice for cooking

9. Coconut Oil for Relieving Epilepsy

Coconut works effectively on epilepsy. How coconut oil works on epilepsy has given below:

  • Coconut oil has medium chain triglyceride that helps in helping relieve a variety of brain disorders
  • This oil has proved more helpful than any kind of drug
  • Can be used to induce ketosis in epilepsy patients which may provide a benefit for some people

10. Coconut Oil For Reducing Cholesterol Levels

Coconut oil also known for helping reduce cholesterol as it contains MCT that helps in controlling high cholesterol levels The impact of coconut oil on cholesterol are given below:

  • Research has shown that the lauric acid increases the good HTL cholesterol that improves the cholesterol ratio levels
  • It also helps in lowering cholesterol by encouraging its adaptation to pregnenolone

The MTC of coconut oil is helpful for a variety of physical and mental ailments diseases and can contribute to enjoying a healthy life!

Make sure that you try to take some coconut oil every day, even a tablespoon will make a difference to the way you think and feel.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article, please feel free to leave comments below!

10 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil | Live SuperFoods Pure Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is extremely beneficial for health and brain function. This article is a great for explaining the top 10 reasons that you should take coconut oil

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